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One of my very first forays into calligraphy. At this point I practiced copperplate for a mere 10 minutes with a dirty nib. The paper was a Levenger Circa Notebook which I received for free from some kind of Behance artist promotion. I was very pleased with it and the paper took ink very well, but the little circle binders were quite clumsy and since I was quite rough with my paper, it tears out too easily.

Unfortunately, my clumsiness reached an apex when I placed the book, a bottle of india ink and some brushes and things in a bag. Next thing I know, the ink has soaked right into the book. Very sad. At least it was free.

Would I buy the book again? I thought of it but for $21, I don’t know. The paper is great but I really did not like the clumsy barely-binding clip on things. I could find cheaper paper for that price.

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