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Gouletpens Haul

One of my favorite places to shop at is, they are a small US-based company run by a lovely couple selling mostly fountain pens and ink. Their shipping is very quick.. I ordered these on a Friday and received it on Monday and their packaging is legendary.

It’s like they construct armor out of every package they sell.

And under the armor is another layer of chainmail. The items are undamaged but it could be damaged by violent excited unwrapping.

And finally my purchases come to light. I bought a few items on sale, but it is mostly unlined versions of my favorite papers: Rhodia and Clairefontaine. And just for fun, a pack of Crown Mill cotton envelopes.. because you know I am addicted to writing letters.

Another fun thing about Gouletpens is that they sometimes comly with your order notes requests. Usually people ask for a drawing or a joke, but this time I asked for a special note…

..and got it! On nice stationery too! :)

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