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The Eraser test

You may think it’s not so important to have a good eraser, but when you are erasing 3x lines on 200+ envelopes, a good eraser becomes very important indeed. I can’t tell you how much easier and quicker it is to use a good quality eraser when you have that much work. Below I will be reviewing four different erasers, three of which are considered very good and another I consider the bottom of the barrel. 

I started out by drawing swirly lines of varying pressure using a 0.5 mechanical pencil, which I use to make all my guidelines. This review is hardly scientific, but I did my best to make sure the swirls were the same in pressure.

Then I erased as best I could and took note of the amount of pressure I needed to use to remove all markings from the paper, how many crumbs were formed in the process, and any unpleasantness that have occurred during the process. This is serious.

From left:

ALVIN White Vinyl Pencil Eraser $0.75/ea
This common eraser can be found anywhere for cheap. The size is large and feels heaviest of all the erasers. This makes it a bit more cumbersome to use, as you kind of feel the weight after awhile. Worse, this eraser feels hard on the hand, and needs a lot of pressure to eraser anything. Just look at the pic above, there was still markings on the paper even though I worked at it so hard. Since the eraser is hard and requires pressure to use, you can guess I got pretty tired of it after a while. The little crumbs were everywhere and staticy, clinging onto the eraser, my fingers, hands, everything. I hate this stupid thing.

UNI Boxy Eraser $1.40/ea
This is the smallest of all the erasers and weighs just 0.5oz. A little pricey for the size you get, but I think it is almost the best one. Look, the crumbs kind of clump together and form one big clump. It removed the marks perfectly with minimal effort, and the eraser is soft so it doesn’t feel unpleasant to use. I think I’m gonna get more of these.

PENTEL Ain Hi-Polymer Eraser $1.00/ea
Jet pens sells these as a set of two for $2, and each of them are 0.90oz so you do get value for your money. It is very soft and comfortable to use and gets the job done, but does leave a considerable amount of crumbs behind. Not as much as the stupid Alvin one, but still more than the Boxy. But for the cost, it is worth it.

PILOT Foam Eraser $1.65/ea
This was my favorite eraser for a while. It is also a little pricey at 0.7oz, but like the Boxy, it picks up marks very well and leaves the crumbs in large clumps for easy removal. It is also larger than the Boxy and is pleasant to hold and feel. I swear I had another Pilot Foam eraser which was practically magical, and I used that one to a size of a pea. This new one seems to be less magical. Maybe it gets better with time.

I hope this helps! Keep in mind you can get these erasers much cheaply if you buy in bulk.

If I had gotten them in bulk in the first place, I wouldn’t have to get this horsehair brush to get all the silly little crumbs off.

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