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Louis Vuitton ‘World of Writing’


Yep.. my favorite luxury brand is making my favorite things, stationery! It was only available in their special Saint Germain popup store but am now available through the website. I totally freaked out when I saw these, and must share with you.

Of course, Louis Vuitton being a leather goods maker, do not make their own pens and nibs. Their pens are made by ST Dupont, a wonderful brand so you can expect the usual good quality. However, of course, the prices are outrageous, though completely expected.

You can see the entire line here, but I am picking out a few favorites to share.


An absolutely gorgeous fountain pen called the Grand Tour Ebene. It has the iconic Damier design in a subtle red and black and a beautiful gold nib. Imagine pulling this out of a purse to sign a check, oh my god.

There are not many fountain pens for sale, surprisingly. You can find more mechanical pencil, roller ball and ballpoint pens at outrageous prices. I don’t see the point of paying LV prices for a ball point pen, personally.


Yes, and a whole line of inks as well. I haven’t found many places that reviews the ink, but this blog shows a few samples. I’m a little disappointed at the bottle design though, the label and bottle shape is so incredibly boring. I expected a more fashionable design and label from a luxury fashion house that charges $52 a bottle. Heck, even a $15 Omas ink (a luxurious brand in their own right) looks more beautiful.

But then I saw this absolutely gorgeous crystal inkwell!


I know I know.. not exactly ground breaking, but this beautiful classic design is what screams luxury to me. Oh it’s so gorgeous and so classic. There is a platinum version but I think the gold looks better. Look at the below ad from their holiday gift guide this year.


Crystal inkwell with red ink.. yeeeessssssss.

Unfortunately, the inkwell costs $1290, so yeah, no. Moving on. Check out the stationery sets, designed to match their popular trunks.


I am absolutely in love with the envelopes and how it incorporates the trunk lock designs. And look, it even has a liner with the classic LV monogram pattern.


It would have to be a VERY special penpal indeed because a set costs $235. I don’t know how many envelopes each set contains, but it’s probably one of those ‘if you have to ask’ questions…

Of course, the store also has agendas, books, pen cases, notebooks etc, but those are available year round.

Anyone interested to procure some of these beauties? There are not many reviews or feedback online, so if you do please let us know what you think. Maybe in the future I may get a stationery set or so, but I can’t help but realize that I will never ever use it and it will just be sitting in a drawer forever. I might as well spend that money on one of their bags, which will at least be of some use.

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