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Mailbox Mondays


Well since I have an open mailbox now, I thought I would have a recurring Mailbox Mondays where I feature some of the letters I have received the past week.

This is a beautiful letter from Fang Z. from Singapore, and the whole letter is written in a beautiful Chancery italic. You gotta see it to believe it, very neat and lovely letter.

This one is by Skyler C. and in addition to an amazing letter, he sent some jaw dropping bird flourishes. I’m pretty nervous to reply to this one!

And this one is by Jason and Jen, who sent a typewritten letter. I am always fascinated with typewriters and always wanted one, but the idea of having to do maintenance, buy ribbons etc put me off. Jason and Jen’s typewritten letter is so clean and lovely that it really took me to another world.

Thanks for your letters! Keep em coming.
Schin Loong 631 N. Stephanie St. #510 Henderson Nevada 89014

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