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Mailbox Mondays


Yeah.. I know I said I would feature letters every Monday, but now I think it should be a bimonthly occurrence. The daylight is so short these winter days that it becomes a hassle to try and take pictures. Anyway, without any further ado…


This is a beautiful letter by Jo. B, look at that dash on the envelope! It looks very elegant and lovely.


Look at this gorgeous one by Yves, he is a vintage ephemera collector and wrote on a lovely delicate accounts page, and included a pretty postcard and stamp too. It was a glimpse into another world.


This is an amazing Valentine from Tami M., the lovely card unfolds to reveal the message. She must have put a lot of time into it!


And finally a beautiful card from Michael Sull himself. He addressed it to my old home so USPS had to forward it, but not before they defaced it to ‘Loon’ instead of Loong. They know FULL WELL my name is Loong! I’m so mad.

Thanks for your letters! Keep em coming.
Schin Loong 631 N. Stephanie St. #510 Henderson Nevada 89014

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