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Preparing a nib properly


So I recently tried writing with a dip pen, but the ink, I noticed, has a tendency to come out of the pen all at once and make my letters smudge. Any suggestions?

Hmm.. have you prepared your nib properly? All nibs come from the manufacturer with a thin coat of oil on to prevent it from rusting. This oil must be removed before use. There are several ways to remove it.. you can brush it off with an old toothbrush and toothpaste, light a flame under it (for only a second or two!), or wash it off with some rubbing alcohol.

When a nib is clean, the ink will not pool on the nib. Instead it’ll kinda cling on to it, but just to be safe, make sure to tap it on the side of the inkwell or something so you are not overloading it. The ink should just kinda coat the nib, but pool on it! I’ve actually made a little comic explaining this a few months back.

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