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Comparison between Fascinating Pen Flourishing and Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy


So today I’d like to post comparisons between two wonderful books.

On left is EA Lupfer’s Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy reprinted by Dover. You can buy it for about $8 on Amazon, and is an absolutely amazing book to own. In fact it is the book that got me interested in pointed pen calligraphy. I’ll refer it here as the Modern book. On the right is the original 1951 book printed by the Zaner Bloser company (the company EA Lupfer worked for) which the book on the left is a reprint of, so let’s call it the Original. You can still find it at Scranton Uni’s store for $25 along with other amazing books.

The front page of the Original book.

The two books are almost identical except for a few differences. For examples, here on left is the Modern and on the right is the Original.. and you can see they edited out the parts about using the Zanerian penholder and nib. Which makes sense, as these items are not available anymore and may be confusing to the modern reader.

Similarly on this page, the ads for prints and artwork has been edited out. How I wish I can still send in $1 for a 22x28in print of Zaner’s flourished eagle.

Some pages are exactly the same. Both are crisp and beautiful and easy to read.

However, some artworks were flipped. On the left, the large flourish was flipped from the original.. I guess it makes the word ‘Beauty’ easier to read, but I can’t think why else they chose to edit only that one flourish and not the others. Weird!

This last page was completely deleted in the Modern book. I guess they don’t want anyone to go around ordering a set of handsome design cards for only $0.35/dozen. Sigh.. if only we still could!

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