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Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I looove my Emojis. For those who don’t know, Emoji is a bunch of emoticons you can download on your iphone and use as a keyboard. Recently I found out that you can buy the entire set as stickers and of course I had to get one.

It’s so cute! And you get all of them!

I thought they would be very small, but they’re actually pretty big. You would need a big planner to use them.

The paper quality is pretty thick, almost rubbery really. It’s not like those super thin stickers. The printing is also quite good, but the color is kind of dark, and not as bright and colorful as it looks on the phone. The cut is also pretty close to the emoticon, something I’m very pleased with.

Overall I am super pleased with these stickers. They’re adorable and familiar and I know exactly which event goes with each sticker.

It also sticks well to any surface and adds cheer to any page.

It has emoticons for all events.. from flowers, to food, faces, events, buildings, objects.. anything you can think of!

And of course you get the entire set! This is gonna last forever!

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