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Mixing bleedproof white and McCaffrey’s?


Hi Schin! Love your blog – so informative!  Have you tried blending the two whites: the Bleedproof White into the McCaffrey’s?  Maybe just adding a bit of Bleedproof white into the Bright White, to give it some body and “oomph” would do just the trick, and you’d have the best of both worlds.  Perhaps the two would be like “oil and water” and not get along with each other, but maybe an experiment would be worthwhile!

Hmm.. by mixing up these two chemicals I may either end up with the most amazing white ink concoction or end up blowing up my studio.. let’s try it!

First I am going to write using each of these inks.

The McCaffrey’s Bright White to start with. The idea behind this new ink is that all you have to do is stir the bottle, open it up and it’s ready to use. And it is true! It’s not the most opaque white.. maybe 80%, the lines not too smooth but boy the hairlines are just lovely.

And here is the Bleedproof White. It’s been my favorite white to use, but it needs to be mixed using a brush and applied with a brush. Not really a dip and go here.. but as you can see, since you can control the consistency, the white is practically 100% opaque, even if the hairlines isn’t as thin as the Bright White.

Here is the two again. They’re both beautiful whites for different purposes. But.. let’s try mixing them both and try out its lovechild!

Here is some of the Bright White poured into a little glass jar.

Without using any water, I added a big dollop of Bleedproof white, and stirred vigorously. If it feels too thin, I just added more Bright White.

Here is the McCaffrey’s Bleedproof mixture.. looks kind promising.

And it works! I simply had to dip in the well and write. No brush action anywhere. It’s really kind of like a perfect mix between the two.. it has the (sorta) fine lines of Bright White and the (kinda) opaqueness of the Bleedproof. Not bad eh!

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