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My stamp collection and using pins to store nibs


Your corkboard looks a lot like my desk. Those $5 Washington/Jackson stamps are among my favorite new “old” stamps, although they don’t get used much unless I send a package. So much nicer than those metered stickers the PO puts on everything. My favorite stamp may be the $1 Surrender of Gen. Burgoyne at Saratoga. My question is, how do you get the single nibs to stick to the corkboard?

Oh yes, I love those vintage style stamps, but they don’t make them much anymore, and even if they do, they are in weird denominations like 2c or 15c or $2. I wish they would make forever stamps in that style for modern letter writers! The Saratoga stamp is gorgeous, but I prefer portrait stamps myself. Did you see they reissued the Inverted Jenny last year? My collection is mostly modern stamps, they are easier to find and cheaper, too. Plus I really like the sticker backing, gum does not stick very well..

As for your question, easy peasy! They’re held up using pins through the eye of the nibs. If the eye is too small, I put em in little baggies.

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