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ANNOY A POSTMAN #2- Spokane, Washington


Here is the second Annoy A Postman, to Bridget Smith of Spokane, Washington. I was a little worried because it did take a while to arrive, but arrive it did! Let’s see how it went..

A Post-It note attached! YES! I couldn’t ask for more.. the poor postal worker wasn’t sure if it was Brigget or Bridget, cmon really?.. and thought the ending swirl was a number 1. Nope, it was totally a trick!

Here is the envelope without the post-it. And yeah you may think I was a little drunk or angry when writing this.. in fact I just wanted to write in the most ugly and irritating way possible. There was no theme, I just wanted to smoosh everything together. Writing this actually kind of pissed me off..

I’m quite impressed it got delivered, in fact. If I wasn’t familiar with cursive, there is no telling what the heck is going on over there. So I salute the post office at Spokane Washington for having the patience to try to decipher and deliver this mess, and thanks Bridget for participating! You may now exorcise this thing.

Until the next Annoy A Postman edition!

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