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Annoy A Postman #4 – Boston, Massachusetts


This is the fourth Annoy A Postman to Li Ling, and ladies and gentlemen.. the inevitable has happened.

This is what it looks like when mailed:

Yep, when I handed it to my postman he said ‘What the hell’ to my face, shrugged and tossed it into the bin. I knew it was a bad omen!

As you can see, the name is written in white but the address is in black against a dark blue background. I thought I had really stumped them and was going for maximum annoy!

Unfortunately, a few days later, this came back in my postbox.

Yep, it looks exactly the same and the stamps weren’t even postmarked. There was no ‘return to sender’ mark. What’s going on?

I think I figured it out.. because on the back of the envelope, I had written my return address in white…

So I guess the postmen thought that that was the actual mailing address! NO! Nonono!! Sorry Li Ling!

Well.. that’s the first returned envelope from the Annoy a Postman project. They’re fighting back! Don’t worry, I’ll get them with the next one. Grrr!

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