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Annoy A Postman #5 – McKinney, Texas


Howdy y’all! Annoy A Postman goes to Thomas Burns in Texas this time. As you may know, I really love stickers and flowers, and came across these beautiful 3D wisteria stickers in a crafts shop. You may have seen them, these are stickers that has a few cut out layers to produce a 3D effect, usually for use in scrapbooks or crafts. Probably not suitable for the post. Perfect! Mwahaha!


So I bought a set and made this envelope. As you can see, the purple flowers and leaves are disjointed (they kinda stick pretty well to the envelope though), the stems are actually wrapped wire and the wisteria has three layers and just for fun, I added glitter to the name and address. The bottom left basket of flowers are just regular stickers.


Just for fun, I added six stick-on clear gems of different sizes. Because why not? I also used extra postage (three forevers instead of just one) because I know the gems incur an extra $0.20 cost.. but I used more than enough because I don’t want to take any chances. If it comes back I don’t want it to be because there was not enough postage!

Anyway, the whole thing doesn’t protrude too much from the surface, it doesn’t go any higher than the crystals. The gems do arrive to my other penpals so I thought this may have a chance. I made sure everything sticks on very well and mailed it off with fingers crossed…


…And it made it! In less than a week, too! Thomas and I were pretty delighted, but upon closer inspection it does have substantial battle scars. The top layers of the flowers are mostly gone, the stem and leaves on the left side are completely gone, most of the purple glitter is gone, all of the gold glitter is gone (Thomas didn’t even know there was any gold glitter until I showed him a pic of the original) and 3 of the gems didn’t make it. Yikes! We wondered if this actually went through a sorting machine? Or the postman was wearing spiky gloves or something?

Anyway, I guess the lesson of this Annoy A Postman is: Don’t use layered stickers because 40% of it will disappear and probably mess up a sorting machine. Really though that’s kind of common sense.. but here on Annoy A Postman we don’t use common sense. Until next time!


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