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Annoy A Postman #6 – Sunnyvale, California


For Annoy a Postman No. 6, Sandy Wambold in California was contacted and I sent her an envelope on July 5th. The envelope is addressed to her workplace, so with full confidence, we thought we could annoy both the postmen and the delivery people at her work at the same time. Haha! Take that, poor innocent people!

And thus I made this monstrosity:


Yep.. very very light pink on ivory paper. Hey, it could be worse, my original plan was to have it pure white on white paper. LOLOLOL. But the little angel on my right shoulder convinced me to at least tint the ink with some color, because you know, it’s called annoy-a-postman not straight-to-the-USPS-shredder. Even Mark Twain has that WTF look on his face.


Hey, in my defense, it’s not THAT unreadable. I used a thick bleedproof white for ink so it’s actually kind of beveled. And if you kind of hold it up to the light just so, you can actually kind of make out the words.. try squinting a little.. I really had hopes for the Californian postmen!


Look, this is a better picture of it held to the light. Much clearer right? You can totally make out what it is.. totally. I don’t see the problem! Sheesh!

Anyway yeah no it didn’t arrive. We waited a week.. then two weeks.. then a month.. and now it is almost the end of August and we feel perhaps it’s safe to say it is dead after two months. Did I mention the return address was written with the same ink and style? Yeah it’s dead!

Soooo with that, Annoy a Postman celebrates/mourns its first lost letter.. my very first lost letter. Not exactly deliberate (though some may say it is), let’s just say California knows how to party but does not and will not take shit from Openinkstand.

Until next time…


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