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Review: Rossi Classica Italiana II


This is a continuation of my Rossi paper review..

It writes very well! The paper is creamy and just a little toothy, which I like. It gives a nice feedback to the nib. The paper is thin enough to be able to show guidelines through the back.

I felt very fancy writing a letter on it! I used walnut ink and it felt very nice, no snagging at all. I’d like all my writing paper to be like this.

The envelope is very plain, no designs or liner. It has a little laid texture but also takes ink and nib very well. It is a tad too small though, especially if one is using three stamps for an international letter.

Not a bad combo! Real classy like.

There is one huge drawback though.. the paper has to be folded twice to fit in the envelope. This is totally mind blowing, I mean with the attention to detail on the printing and paper quality, you’d think they would make it so a folded writing paper would fit the envelope perfectly? Nope, I had to fold twice. Eww!

Besides that it really is a beautiful stationery. You can find their retailers on their website here, PS: I am not affiliated.

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