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Making envelope liners


I don’t know how this never entered my life before, but I am recently obsessed with lining envelopes. I mail out dozens of envelopes a month and none of them are lined, I thought they were silly and tedious! That is.. until I learned how easy it is to make them! Now I am lining everything.

So this is the stuff I use to make them, just basic stuff like glue, pencil, scissors, bone folder but the most important of all are envelope liner templates. You can kind of download the templates online but these come pre made on a thick material which make things much easier. I buy a lot of my envelopes from Paper Source (I am not affiliated) so these templates match their stuff perfectly.

Next you need to get some paper to line the envelopes with. You can use any beautiful paper, fine papers, gift wrap, scrapbook paper.. warning, you may end up with a stack of loose beautiful papers!

Once you have selected your envelope and matching template and liner paper, trace the shape on using a pencil. As you can see, a 12x12in scrapbook paper can make two A6 sized liners.

Then cut out the whole thing with a pair of scissors or a cutter. The most important part is the rounded section at the top, make sure that is rounded out nicely. I guess you could use a corner rounder, but I’m not made of money so I’m using scissors.

Slip the liner into the envelope, its should fit perfectly! Next you want to fold it carefully, just close the envelope and it should fold right where it should.

A bone folder works very well for this purpose and leave no creases. They’re a little expensive but will last you forever. Other alternatives would be to use the back of a plastic spoon, a credit card, plastic ruler, butter knife.. etc.

After folding, apply glue or double sided tape to the underside of the liner. I am using a glue pen in this pic. Then fold the envelope down on the liner! This will ensure that the liner will stick accurately.

And there you go! A lovely lined envelope!

Careful! They’re pretty addictive!

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