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Dasherie Magazine Review


A proper published magazine about calligraphy? Whaaat?

But that’s what Dasherie is! From the website, it is a magazine that “features carefully curated modern and classic calligraphy, lettering and design.” The debut magazine was sent out recently and it’s very exciting to see a brand new magazine catering to our niche hobby.

The front cover. The paper stock is very lovely and thick and colorful, and the whole magazine is about 100 pages and chock full of beautiful photos, articles and information for calligraphers. Took me about 2 hours to get through everything!

A reader gallery! You can also submit your work for consideration here. It’s very exciting to see all the different calligraphy styles together.. plus I know some of those guys! Teehee!

One of the featured artists is the amazing Joy Fairclough from France, one of my heroes, and the accompanying article mentions her background with plenty of photos. Boy do I love the photos!

In addition to artists portfolios, there are plenty of articles too, from USPS guidelines for addressing envelopes, a wedding logo tutorial, calligraphy business card designs, calligraphy gift ideas, etc.

There is even a shoutout to Annoy A Postman in the USPS guidelines article.. LOL. They should have just said ‘This is what not to do.’

Okay, I don’t want to post too many pics because I am going to be giving away FOUR of these magazines! All four are brand new and still in their plastic seal (ignore the pic, the top one is my personal copy). Two will be given through this Tumblr blog, and another two through my Instagram. Rules are as follows:

How to enter the Tumblr Openinkstand Dasherie Giveaway:

1. I will pick two winners through a randomizer and each will receive a copy of this magazine. Shipping is free to the US and international, so it doesn’t matter where you’re from, as long as you have a valid address, I’ll mail it to you via USPS First Class.

2. You have to have a Tumblr account and follow this blog, like AND reblog this post.

3. If you win this giveaway, you’re not eligible to win the Instagram giveaway, lol.

4. Please, no giveaway accounts or any funny business..

How to enter the Instagram Openinkstand Dasherie Giveaway:

1. Same deal, I’ll pick two winners through a randomizer, and you can be from anywhere in the world.

2. You must have an Instagram account, and go here for instructions:

Winners will be picked on Sept 22 so have fun!!

If you don’t want to wait, you can simply pick up your own copy of Dasherie here.

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