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Conquerer Paper

I’ve become a little of a paper hound, always trying new surfaces to write on. It may sound crazy but even the slightest imperfection on paper drives me insane, because it will eventually lead to a mistake. Nothing is worse than writing along and then a stray fiber picks up and ruins a letter ARGHOMG. Even if the paper is a smidgeon too waxy, or too smooth, too toothy, too thin, too… anything at all, I will cast it away. A good surface is very important! I sound like a crazy person!

I first heard of Conquerer paper from Master Penman Brian Walker, he sent a sample of his writing on this gorgeous paper and recommended it. Dr. Joe Vitolo also likes it, and so does Nick D’Aquanno and other great penmen. With such high praise, I immediately I began hunting for it.. alas, it is difficult to find in the US. ThePaperMill store has it for the best price, but omg the shipping! Amazon has some, but not on Prime. Ebay has some in small quantities as well but.. look I just don’t like paying for shipping! So I never got them myself, save for a few precious sheets that friends sent me.

But then my good friend Linda sent me a box of it.. oh yeah believe me I couldn’t stop screaming. She bought them in bulk and like Santa Claus decided to bestow her goodness upon me! I couldn’t wait to try it out!

Okay the paper isn’t perfect, but it sure is the best I have now.. yes I like it better than Rhodia/Clairefontaine. Those are good papers though of course, but the Conquerer is thicker and toothier, just the way I like it! It does feels a little ‘dry’ on some nibs (crazy talk again) but for now I just absolutely love using it, there is no bleed, it withstands the harsh sharpness of the Principal and holds its own with swells. If you can find it in your area for a decent price, I highly encourage you to try it!

And btw, I am not affiliated with this company at all.

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