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More Love Letters

A friend told me about this wonderful website and I thought it is the best website ever. Started by Hannah Brecher, the More Love Letters project is about writing good old fashioned hand written letters that you can send to friends, or people in need, or soup kitchens or just whoever. There is even a project where you can write a letter and just leave it anywhere for someone to find and brighten their day.

However, my favorite part is the amazing This Bar Saves Lives project in honor of World Food Day. Basically you write a letter and they will forward it to any five of these superheroes: A physician in Guatemala working to provide health care for the poor, a medical director in Monte Cristi who operates a mobile medical practice for impoverished familes with no access to healthcare, a couple in Ecuador who allows their house to be turned into a medical clinic, a nurse in an Ecuador hospital who visits elderly, disabled and chronic patients and a health promoter also in Ecuador who educates her community about preventative health measures. I mean these people are incredible!

For every letter that we write to them by November 15 2014, This Bar Saves Lives will donate a packet of food to a child in need. When’s the last time we donated food to a poor child? Considering how much I have annoyed postmen and postal workers everywhere, I think it is due time to do a charitable act and use my letter writing ‘skills’ for good. I will write five letters, one for each of those superheroes.. will you join me?

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