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Mailbox Halloween Friday


I just realized that I didn’t have a Mailbox Monday this week.. but that’s fine, because it makes way for a Halloween edition. I just have to show off these amazing Halloween related mail I have received. Please forgive the camera flash though.. but it makes it kinda extra scary don’t you think? Like one of those ghost-hunter TV shows.


This awesome spidery card is from Felicia Tan from Singapore. I love the detail on the spider.. really hairy.. shudder.


This one is from Roseann Gutierrez from California, with a gorgeous broad pen script on the envelope. I am very anti-broad pen (not because I hate it, but it’s so hard to learn!) so this was very very scary to receive! Hisssss


The orange envelope looks perfectly innocent though the back was ominously sealed with a Baphomet seal, but when opened, it contains a Walking Dead zombie card ARGH I HATE ZOMBIES! Check out the haiku he included: “Blood is really warm, it’s like drinking hot chocolate, but with more screaming.” Thanks Mark Calhoun from Missouri… I think.


This super cute one is from Chia Tjong, from Indonesia. ‘All eyes on Schin’? How did she know I have a phobia of eyeballs as well?? Cute but deadly!


This glorious one is from Amy Neubauer from Chicago, and yep the skeleton hand is life size, so I can hold my fingers over it and it fits perfectly.. so thanks for that extra creepy factor Amy. Inside is a super cute orange envelope and matching sugar skull artwork.. memento mori indeed!


This super cute one is from Claudia de Vasco from California, with lots of de los muertos skulls. On the postcard is a more uplifting message “Our passed loved ones live on through our memories and honor of them”. I know that’s more of a Day of the Dead message, but I will reflect on it while gorging on candy I’m supposed to give to kids (fine, they get some too) and watching Simpsons Treehouse of Horror marathon…

Happy Halloween!!!


2 Responses to “Mailbox Halloween Friday”

  1. Roseann Gutierrez

    This is great Schin! I really like how organized your new Blog is. And I especially love that I can post a reply.
    And so fun to see my envelope on your blog! :)


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