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Painted Pen “Dragon” No. 1



Painted Pen “Dragon” No. 1

So my friend Mike emailed me one day and suggested a dragon for a painted pen. I laughed and said yeah you crazy! But.. slowly.. over the span of a month or so, I kept thinking about it. It’s not impossible, I thought.. in fact.. it might even be pretty cool.


So when Brian sent me the next batch of pens, I started out with a basic gold dragon on a black pen. I was careful to make sure the dragon leans towards a traditional Chinese design, and not like those garish modern designs. Eventually the design called for shading and stippling, and before I know it, it was the most elaborate Painted Pen I’ve done. I love it though, so does Brian and Mike!


Check out the second Dragon pen tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Painted Pen “Dragon” No. 1”

  1. lalumii

    That looks amazing! The colors are great (gold on black is always a good idea) and I love that you stuck to a more traditional dragon.


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