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Painted Pen “Dragon” No. 2


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Painted Pen “Dragon” No. 2

The second dragon was originally just gold on white, but as the art progressed, it was evident that it needed shading as well. Different golds were used to layer the scales, and orange paint was used for the fire and pearl designs. And of course, the eyes were painted last!

Which do you like better, the black or white dragon?

5 Responses to “Painted Pen “Dragon” No. 2”

  1. profcalhoun47

    Heh, I like the White Dragon best, but it’s mine, so I’m a bit biased :-)

    All of your collaboration pens with Brian are gorgeous, Schin – I love them all, but this one and “Practice Makes Perfect” really are my faves!

    Keep ’em coming – I know there are many calligraphers dying to own one!

    • Openinkstand

      Haha, I thought so! You do have good taste for em. Brian and I have more up our sleeves, but as they say.. ‘you can’t rush art!’

  2. profcalhoun47

    True, and there are only 24 hours in a day, no matter how much I try to cram into each one…


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