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Hi Schin,I am a fan of your blog and check it nearly every day. Thank you so much for your hard work that genuinely inspires! I’m looking to start giving simple cards to my friends for their birthday’s and other occasions. Is there a folding card stock with matching envelopes that works for pointed pen that you prefer? I have shopped online, but was not sure there seemed to be so many choices, but pointed pen is rather specialized. Thank you! Kind regards, Jason

Hi Jason, thank you! I’m glad you like the blog.

Yes indeed some papers are not appropriate for pointed pen, and generally a good quality (expensive) paper tends to be okay. Of course I have not tried all the papers in the world, but if I need paper that I know for sure works, I usually buy from these sources: (not a guarantee it will all work!)

  • Original Crown Mill Paper – I have some of their note cards and letter sets, and it works great.. if I was a millionaire I’d try all their brands!
  • Crane – It’s weird but the quality for Crane seems to differ. Some that I bought from the website are amazing, but then I found some in Barnes and Noble that just suck. There is a great selection of Crane stationery on Papyrus too.
  • William Arthur – It’s basically the same as Crane, but I remember this beautiful set I got from them that is just gorgeous to use.
  • Paper Source – I haven’t really tried their boxed cards, but I like using their envelopes and cards. Not all of them are awesome, though, but most are good. And such cute colors, too.

I hope this helps! Don’t be disappointed if a set doesn’t work out.. you can always return it or keep it for a non-calligraphy purpose. I have shelves and shelves of paper that didn’t turn out right.. but once you find a set that works you hang on to it! Good luck!

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