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One of my pet peeves

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I am quite particular when it comes to writing, but nothing drives me up the wall more than smudging! Worse still if you thought you were finished with a drawing, but apparently the ink isn’t finished drying yet and one swipe of the eraser smudging the whole thing is enough to ruin a whole day.

Here is a monogram I did in ink of the letters H and V.. I used a simple Pilot G-Tec pen on sketchbook paper, and I guess the paper is too shiny or something that it takes longer to dry, well I sure found out when I tried to erase it a few hours later. You’d think a gel pen ink would dry quick, well not this one. Sigh.. lesson learned, I had to put it away and step away from the desk to go stab a cantaloupe or something…

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  1. Phillip L

    Now if only we can market this idea to Costco… I’m sure they’d sell a lot more cantaloupes if they are labeled ‘In case of rage emergency, stab here’.


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