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Paperinkarts November Haul


I haven’t been buying any supplies for quite a while, but needed some more Leonardt Principals.. so off to PIA I go!

A couple days later my box arrived.. what could be in it? All I needed was a few nibs..


Well you know how it is.. you go to the store for one thing and exit with a cart full of stuff..


At least I didn’t forget my nibs! I also added some Brause Rose (the recent video used up the remaining 3 I had), some Brause 66EFs, and some Nikko Gs. I buy a dozen every time because it is cheaper that way.. for the Principals I bought 25, because I love em too much.


Also some Wink of Stella brushes and Zig pens. These are great for adding sparkle, and you know I love my glitter..
Not sure why I felt I needed two of each though. This is why my studio looks like a stationery shop!


And these.. other things. But I do remember why I got these, they were on sale! Who can resist a sale?
The Turner brand gouache is now $8 (not that cheap honestly, but I remember really liking these). Plus a Finetec palette.. it was on sale at $10, what am I gonna do, ignore it? And finally some Parallel Pen cartridges, I’ve put off learning broad pen for years because I ‘lost the cartridges’, so hopefully this will spur me on.. yeah..


Awww poor kitty. Sure you can fit in the box! Anything is possible in this world!

3 Responses to “Paperinkarts November Haul”

  1. TangledPen

    Oh I can’t wait to be back in the U.S. – getting my hand on supplies will be so much easier…
    Sweet kitty you have :)
    Thanks so much for following, Schin – I feel honored <3


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