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October Haul from Scribblers

Finally I took the jump to buy from I had avoided for a while because of shipping fees from Europe, but I really needed more Walkers ink so I took the plunge. Here’s what I got.


The package arrived in a bubble envelope, with a large Scribblers sticker on. I was so excited!


This is the box inside the package. It’s not a very sturdy box, and I was a little worried…


Nibs! They had some unusual stainless steel nibs so I just had to try some.


Ugh, my worst fear. I ordered five inks, three Walker and two Blots.. unfortunately one was leaking and another was broken on the cap and everything spilled when I opened it. I’ll contact Simon and hope that it can be replaced, but otherwise it was a very quick shipping.

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4 Responses to “October Haul from Scribblers”

  1. Scarlet

    Ack. This hasn’t happened to me yet. What is the name of the stainless steel nibs? I really don’t experiment enough and I end up sticking to four favourite kinds of pointed nib.

  2. Sadiya

    Hi schin!
    Have you tried the scribblers classic oblique pen holder?
    I live in the UK and have often been tempted to buy the basic obliques made by some of the people you have mentioned. And while I am prepared to pay the price for the pen holders, I am not prepared to pay the extortionate shipping rates that come with them as I am still a student! I recently discovered Scribblers also manufacture a classic oblique holder. Have you tried it and is the angle and the rest of the anatomy correct? I have the infamous plastic speedball oblique but it just doesn’t feel right; swashes and flourishes feel forced to say the least.

    • Openinkstand

      Alas, I have not tried their scribblers oblique holder. I don’t often order from Scribblers so I have not had the opportunity to try that holder, though I’m sure it is fine. And don’t worry if it doesn’t feel right, if the flange is metal, you can always adjust it to your liking. That’s the whole point of it, you can adjust it! So no matter what, it will still be better than a plastic speedball. Lemme know how it goes!


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