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Mailbox Monday


It’s that time of the year.. my favorite time of the year! The next few days will focus on some of the amazing Christmas cards I am lucky to receive…

Check out this one from Freida R. from Philippines. I don’t know what ink it is but it is actually a iridescent green that turns gold or something in the light. And I’m not sure if you can see but instead of a stamp, the Philippine postmark is orange so it is almost invisible against the orange envelope. The name really pops out!


This is one of the very first to arrive.. from the amazing Wendy X. from California. Her Spencerian is textbook perfect and check out her lettering illustration, cute and instantly recognizable. I think we’re gonna see great things from her next year, oh deer!


This lovely one is from Sherry L. from Canada, though I’m not sure why her postmark is in Washington… the card is festive and cheerful and very merry!


Check out this craziness from Desiree M. from Philippines.. her brush calligraphy is gorgeous and so festive!


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more Christmas mail. I hope you have been getting some good ones yourself too :)

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