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Mailbox Tuesday


Yep, more Christmas goodness! Are you feeling the spirit? The holiday spirit? I sure am!

This lovely envelope and card is from Debbie M., and I love the detail and glitter on the earth globe she painted. The blue and white is so striking against the red.IMG_7310

This next one is from the amazing Erica McPhee, the editor of Dasherie Magazine, a calligrapher’s publication. No pressure right? I wish it was a better picture but she used a lovely watercolor paper and gold foil for her card.. I gasped out loud when I got her card!


This funny one is from John S., who knows I love puns. Before I received this, he sent an email saying that his card is gonna be pretty groan-worthy.. well, it definitely is pretty fishy.. I think he should be pun-ished eh? Lol..


This gorgeous one is from Emily F., it looks like it was printed by a computer! And I couldn’t stop staring at that gorgeous calligraphy on the card. She makes my street name look classy, even.. what the heck is an aripeka anyway?


Finally, this gorgeous hand made envelope from Meredith S., and a bunch of goodies inside! A lot of Christmas cards are predictable, you know the red and green and white, but hers was very cheerful and happy. Makes me wish for Spring.


Thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow for more Christmasy envelopes!

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