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Crane Nutcracker Christmas Cards


I gotta admit that I have actually been planning my Christmas cards since around May… no particular reason, I was browsing through and came across these amazing Nutcracker cards and instantly fell in love. I guess it was the red and gold that got me (I love red and gold) but also the empty white space around him. I knew exactly what to do and couldn’t wait for the year to end so we can get to Christmastime already.


Cue November and I placed my order and couldn’t wait for these bad boys to arrive. Seriously I had to hold back on delivering these too early because I had them done way before Thanksgiving.

Yep.. that empty space is perfect for name calligraphy! I mixed a red gouache and just went to town, and used gold dots and embellishments to match the envelope and design of the nutcracker. Good thing the paper is great quality too, so the calligraphy went on without a hitch.

The actual cards came with lovely white envelopes lined with a nice gold stripe paper, but that’s too subtle for my taste. My cards this year was going to be red dammit, so I went to Paper Source to find a different set. Luckily they had envelopes that fit perfect with just the color I want.


Check it out, with blood red envelopes lined with a matching red with gold foil liners, slip the nutcracker card inside with the calligraphed names with gold dots… sorry but I gotta say I am soooo pleased with how these came out.


Inside the card is a simple message (written with fountain pen with gold ink, of course), and I included a postcard as a mini present. Yes, I really really like the color red and gold.


Alas, I couldn’t make too many of these cards because they were just too expensive.. $30 per box of 10 cards, plus $6 for shipping from (I couldn’t find these in physical stores!).. that’s about $5 total for each card including a first class stamp and Paper Source envelope… considering my Christmas card list is over 100 people, it would have cost too much money. Also, I’m really mad at Crane because they charged me $5.95 for shipping, but on the shipping notifications they listed it sent as UPS Ground… at $1.20. Thanks a lot! So I had to only get two boxes, and supplement my other list recipients with other designs.


Still, I’m really proud of how these came out. I write a lot of letter sand try to coordinate stuff, but none has been planned as intensely as these before. But I think it’s all worth it, because after all, Christmastime is special!

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4 Responses to “Crane Nutcracker Christmas Cards”

  1. Shannon

    This is hands down my favorite card from Crane. I’m still getting over a grudge with them, but I can’t say no to this guy. We have one box left at work, I’m hoping it’s still there when we start markdowns!


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