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2013/4 Envelope Scrapbook


So usually I toss all my mail and old practice sheets into a tub for end of the year sorting, and this year it was overflowing so I needed a solution to organize them. Enter 12×12 scrapbook binders!

I didn’t want to use a regular photo album because of many reasons… they are usually hideous, have limited pages, and I don’t like how some do not fold out flat. I have been visiting scrapbook stores and always liked how pretty their albums are, so that is what I was going to use.

IMG_7316Okay, I admit I regret buying this one. It looked so good in the store, nice and sturdy, but when I brought it home I was like OMG grandma roses. But I am too lazy to bring it back for exchanges.. so oh well. It’s still really pretty.

These albums are not cheap btw… just the album is $20 and it doesn’t even come with sleeves or anything! Just empty inside, besides the metal rings! Good thing these are available in Michaels, so just make sure to use their 50% coupon (they always have it) so it will be half off, and then go to Amazon or something for much cheaper sleeves in bulk. Make sure you get good quality sleeves, nothing is more frustrating than the cheapo plastic ones that tear after a few turns. Then you can find 12×12 card for cheap just about anywhere.

I use artists tape to hold the artworks and envelopes together, and I arrange them┬ácollage style… I’m not a very organized person, and I like everything all mixed up anyway. It is such a pleasure to browse through it every once in a while.

IMG_7320 IMG_7321 IMG_7319


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