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The Little Book of Lettering


I have wanted this little orange book for such a long time, and finally I bit the bullet and purchased it on Amazon. It costs $15 new, but since it is hardcover, you can get a nice used one for less. The cover is beautiful, with a lovely embossed design and feels very nice on hand.


The book is divided into three sections: Digitally Drawn Lettering, Handdrawn and Illustrated Lettering and Three-Dimensional Lettering. The three sections are even color coded.


Digital lettering by Sean Freeman

Each section has an introduction and suggested tools, quite useful if you don’t know anything about the particular style. There were studio pictures and explanations as well, but only two pages before the section starts.


Handwritten lettering by Mary Kate McDevitt

Each consequent page features a spread by one artist with a short interview and intro, and I really like how they chose very different styles for this book. One page would have a whimsical chalkboard lettering, and the next would have a western style poster, and another would have a fine-art style design.


3D lettering by Yulia Brodskaya

The photos are very high quality, bright and full of detail, and the colors are lovely. I don’t do much lettering myself, but occasionally I like browsing through this book and seeing all the different styles and I would always be freshly inspired.

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