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Penmanship in Japan


IMG_7374Did you know that Spencerian, ornamental penmanship and bird flourishes was quite popular in Japan? In fact in Tokyo there is the Japanese Penmanship Association. This book is published by them based on their members works. And what amazing works they are.. comparable to anyone in the West!

The book is entirely in Japanese, but with plenty of pictures. They cover everything from bird flourishing, engrossing, business writing, OP… even examples on how to do drills. It’s not really an instructional book but still the gallery pictures are lovely.


Some of the artwork is in English, and looks very traditional and Western. It was a little funny seeing all the Japanese words next to beautiful English engrossing and certificates, and a Japanese name under it for credit.

IMG_7376 IMG_7379

Their work is amazing, just astoundingly beautiful.

IMG_7377 IMG_7378

It is kinda hard to find this book as I believe it is out of print, but if you have a Kinokuniya maybe you can find it for cheaper.¬†Amazon has a copy¬†though it’s a little expensive, you can find it for cheaper if you look for it on instead.

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  1. Mew

    Hi! I also have this old book. It’s very beautiful book. I’m Japanese, so I can read this book. Unfortunately, this style calligraphy isn’t popular in Japan. The Japan penmanship association is very small group… If you have any question about this Japanese article in this book, I will help you!


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