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More Ransomerian goodness

I was casually browsing eBay when I caught sight of a very familiar heart throbby face.


Is that my C.W. Ransom on an ad? BIN! Bid! Whatever, it must be mine! Just take my wallet!


If you’re wondering why the passion, well I have a little bit of a crush on this guy, C.W. Ransom. He was a penmanship teacher in the golden age of penmanship and is a bit of an entrepreneur who has his own school and even pen holder designs, and of course a complete and total babe.

I guess he knows it too, otherwise why would he print that bangin’ photo of himself in his advertisements? I don’t see Madarasz or Courtney doing the same, even though they are better penmen but admittedly not quite as man candy-ish.

And by coincidence, a friend sent me a belated birthday present.. a Ransom envelope and who knows perhaps written by Mr. Hot Stuff himself!


Okay I think that is enough penman objectifying for today.. but can you blame me?? Ladies??

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