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IMG_7390The other day I received an InkCage, a kind of ink reservoir for pointed pen. It consists of a wire coil glued on the nib and the idea is that the ink will be stored in the coil and continues to feed the nib, reducing the need for dipping.

Jim, the guy behind InkCage puts these coils into all kinds of nibs, including a Principal, Zebra, even vintage nibs like the 604EF, which is the one I bought.

The coils are stuck on to the nib and not removable, and one thing I want to point out is that the coils are pretty long.

IMG_7392I don’t know about you guys, but I like to push my nib pretty deep into the flange to keep it secure. Alas with the long coil secured, it is forced to sit in what to me is an unnatural position. This pic on the left shows the deepest position the nib with the coil can be inserted into an oblique holder. However, happily Jim has said that shorter coils can be customized, so hopefully that problem is solved.

IMG_7395So let’s try it out.. here I am dipping the ink into some walnut ink. You can see how much ink it is holding!


The flourishing above is done with one dip! It’s actually quite fun to be able to go on and on without needing to stop and dip.


If you’re not shading as much, you can write even more. Here I have written the Invictus poem, plus a little engrossing, and some more shades just to get all the ink out.

I did notice that upstrokes tend to be drier than usual, I don’t know if that’s due to the coil feeding the nib from the bottom only or if the nib just needs some more breaking in. I just wish it would be ‘wetter’.. but I don’t know how this would be remedied without actual old fashioned dipping.

Another concern I have is cleaning, but as long as I am careful to rinse and dry the nib and coil right after writing, it shouldn’t have any problems. I haven’t had it for very long though, so if any rusting issues arise I will update this blog post.. however for now, I think it should be fine.

I am not affiliated with Inkcage!

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6 Responses to “InkCage”

  1. Heebs

    The dry strokes are due to the speed at which the ink is fed by the coil to the eyelet, unfortunately I haven’t found a way to remedy this. Because the coil twists in a almost perpendicular direction the nib, it’s essentially fighting gravity to keep the ink on the nib but it also keeping a higher flow possible. The same thing actually happens with other reservoirs, I’ll have to see how the Ink Spoon I just ordered works.

    • Openinkstand

      I made a review of an Inkspoon too, but I won’t spoil it for you! It should be up in a couple days. Lemme know how you like yours.

  2. Heebs

    Tried the ink spoon and it worked as expected, essentially the same as the makeshift reservoirs I made a while back. The Ink Cage would be perfect if it came with a smaller coil (not just shorter) at least for me, my nib angle is no good with these springs unfortunately.

    • Openinkstand

      I tried out the ink cage too, but haven’t had time to edit the pictures for the blog. Despite the ink spoon and ink cage, I still prefer to dip my nib, haha!

  3. Lindsey

    Jim sent me two Ink Cages to try out back in January as well … I admire the concept, but I really do enjoy the dipping required with a “normal” nib. Plus, I like writing using an ombré watercolor effect, which requires brushing color on the back of the nib. Obviously, this would prove problematic with the Ink Cage! I was nervous about the ink cage being so close to the paper (since it sits low on nibs), and actually at one point it did drag some ink across my paper unexpectedly. I think it’s a good idea, but it’s probably not for me. Have you used yours since this post?

    A question: where did you get your inkwell? It’s absolutely beautiful.

    • Openinkstand

      Definitely, if you write with a lower angle, then the ink cage would drag. I have brought this up with Jim, and he knows about it and I suggested a shorter cage length… not sure if he’s doing that though. And no, I have not used my inkcage since this post… alas it’s a nice invention but I do write at a really low angle so it doesn’t work for me!

      I got my inkwell from ebay! It’s an antique one but they always have very pretty ones on there :)


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