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Zebra G and Titanium G nib comparison


So recently there has been a new rockstar nib that just arrived in town… the Titanium Zebra G. The regular Zebra G has been quite popular, but I never really liked it much because it would have dry upstrokes, I don’t know if it’s because the nib is not broken in, or what, but it happens all the time.


Dry upstrokes, written with a Zebra G

Anyway, I just use the Nikko G until the new Titanium Zebra G became available on Amazon. It has a pretty golden color so I thought I’d try it and split it with a pal. I wasn’t expecting much from it…

The nib is not actually Titanium of course, but the suspicion is that it is just a regular Zebra G but coated with titanium nitride, which I’ve been told is a coating used to harden tools such as drill bits. This makes the nib last 4 times longer than an usual Zebra G, which is what was on the product info.

IMG_7363When it arrived, I just cleaned one out and tried it out, and to my surprised it felt pretty good! There were no dry upstrokes and felt like a nice broken in Zebra G.. in fact I really liked it the first time around.

IMG_7364As for differences between the Titanium and the regular Zebra, well I didn’t feel much difference really, the Titanium may feel a little more flexible and has a larger sweet spot. As for longevity, welllllll it didn’t last that much longer to me, but then again I do abuse my nibs.

Still, the Titanium Zebra G
now has a permanent spot in one of my holders. Let me know what you think of this nib if you have tried one!

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2 Responses to “Zebra G and Titanium G nib comparison”

  1. kate adderley

    Hi Schinn, your work is as beautiful as ever, but l was just wondering if you could clear something up for me, l have been doing calligraphy for 2 years now and have for the last 6 months learnt Copperplate, which l just adore, l have brought a couple of books on Spencerian and lm trying to teach myself that hand, because l haven’t been able to find a teacher who teaches it in Australia so the confusion is that in my books it is only the capital letters that have the decorative swells and the lowercase are very thin, but when l see your work , you have swells on both and in your latest post you have a version of both, l love the look of both of them , but l have not come across a book on doing the swell on both the upper and lower case, do you know of one ?, l have the Spencer copy books and Micheal and Debra Sull book on learning Spencerian, all lower case letters in both books have thin line letters, can you give me any advice on this please…………..Kate


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