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Pro-Valentines 2015


IMG_7449This year for the Valentines envelope exchange I decided to try something new. Of course I love Valentines, I like roses, candlelit dinners with Ken and such.. but I also do not care for scheduled romance. So this year I made two different designs, a pro-Valentines for the lovey dovey saps and an anti-Valentines for the bitter singles.

This post is for the pro-Valentines. Now of course I must have the pink envelope, and of course the roses and glitter.

IMG_7453First of course, I added the stickers and the stamps, and with the space remaining, wove in the names and addresses.

I used gold ink for the name and just for fun, sprinkled more gold glitter on it.. just to gild the lily, why not.

The final touch is little glitter drops, which I really like using these days, it adds a sparkle without being too distracting.

IMG_7452This is what the envelope looks like after drying.. the gold is still nice and beveled, and kind of textured after the glitter.

Dear god it is so super pink and girly I’m gonna throw up glitter…

Drop in tomorrow and I’ll show you what my anti-Valentines card looks like.


4 Responses to “Pro-Valentines 2015”

  1. lalumii

    Whoa, they really are pro-Valentine’s! I really like them, but I’m excited to see what your anti-Valentine’s day cards are like.

  2. Merissa R

    Oh gosh I love these so much! Wish I was in your group for FF Valentines exchange 😉 I went sticker crazy with mines and I certainly love yours! I’m a sticker nerd :) x


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