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Anti-Valentines 2015


When I was making the super pink and cute Valentines cards for my exchange, I received news that my boyfriend may be sent out of state for work for a considerable length of time. So, of course, the pink Valentines cards suddenly pissed me off and these depressing black ones emerged.


I didn’t set out to make these, it came as an accident really. I didn’t feel like making any more of the glittery pink ones, and I remembered I had some stamps and embossing powder so why not try it? Coincidentally I had some dark blue envelopes on hand, so I stamped it on, set the heat… and added calligraphy around it, reserving the stamp border for the street address.

IMG_7469Blue and yellow are complementary colors and always look super striking against each other. And of course, gold is one of my favorite colors.. the saleslady at the crafts store tried to sell me silver embossing powder but I insisted on the gold. I know what I like!

IMG_7468My only regret is that the stamped border is not large enough to properly accommodate the full address, but you know I think writing the city and state under it really balances out the name.. so that worked out! A few gold dot touches here and there and it is ready to go.

IMG_7458As for the actual card, well.. it’s simple, I’m not much of a crafty person really. I stuck some gold lace hearts on black paper (though in hindsight I wish I had torn the hearts in half, that would really drive in the bitter broken heartedness, don’t you think?) and wrote a cheeky message in gold at the bottom. You know, stuff like “Happy Singles Awareness Day” and “Cupid Rhymes With Stupid.”

Well what do you think? Do you like the pro or the anti Valentines day cards?

12 Responses to “Anti-Valentines 2015”

  1. Merissa R

    What a gorgeous accident I must say :) They’re absolutely elegant and I adore them down to the Miles Davis and Edith Piaf postage. x

  2. Moya

    I like them both! I like the schmaltz and the sweetness of Valentines’ but I also love the wickedness that comes out of it 😀

  3. Phillip L

    I came back to admire these again, and read the close up on the cards this time – absolutely genius, hilarious, and (often) appropriate!


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