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IMG_7524I am a bit of a journal hound, I don’t even know how many I’ve started. I guess I just like the feel of a new fresh journal.. but the same thing always happens, I would write a few entries, and true to my most innermost thoughts, pour out my heart and record my deepest darkest secrets, and upon finishing, decide that it’s too risky to have it exist in the real world and thus bury it away forever.

Anyway, true to National Handwriting Day, I thought I should start the year with at least a way to record my days so it won’t just be lost forever. I went to Barnes and Noble and after some searching, this beauty caught my eye.

IMG_7522It’s got a quill on it! Ugh, at that moment I knew I was hooked. Alas, it was $30, kind of expensive, so I tried to find some flaw with it hoping I would be deterred.

IMG_7523Dang it, it’s got gold edges. I love gold edges! And a ribbed spine.. I love ribbed spines! How classy!

What I like best is that it has hard covers.. I always like my notebooks and journals to be hard cover.. soft covers feel too much like a school exercise book to me, and seem to rumple too easily. And best of all, though it is hard cover, this journal spreads right open real nicely, so it is comfortable to write on both the left and right pages.

Well, I was hooked, what can I say. My main worry is whether or not the papers will take fountain pen ink, and as we all know it is difficult to find good paper these days, even at $30. Still, to my touch the paper felt nice and substantial so I took the plunge.

IMG_7525What I like is that the lines are spaced far enough to allow leisurely writing, and allow space for big letters. Lines that are too close to each other saves space, but also it looks cramped and difficult to read.

I used my Namiki Falcon SF with Pelikan black, and alas it did bleed a little bit not too much.. I wasn’t too bothered by it. If I had used a finer pen I don’t think it would bleed at all.

I am making a note to write at least a page a day, just to record the days events and maybe write down what I had for dinner. Certainly no deep dark secrets here…

You can find find these on Amazon.

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