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Michael Sull at the LA Pen Show 2015


IMG_0536I first got interested in Spencerian around 3 years ago, but here in Vegas there wasn’t anyone who could tell me more about it. I bought books and tried to teach myself, but you know, it’s not really the same. Anyway, so I was researching online and found this guy named Michael Sull who seems to know what he’s talking about (haha), so I contacted him and we started talking. I must have had a lot of crazy questions because he told me that it’s much easier to show rather than to tell, and he said he’ll be at the Los Angeles Pen Show demonstrating and perhaps I can come and he can show me my questions in person.

I must admit at first I thought nah, I don’t want to travel all the way just to learn how to hold an oblique pen, but as I kept thinking about it.. it’s not a bad idea. I love fountain pens and a pen show seems really exciting, and I am a huge believer in learning through seeing and not through books and of course, who else is better to explain Spencerian than Mike Sull himself? And since it would be Valentines weekend, my boyfriend and I can make it a mini vacation.IMG_0537

The meeting was a huge success, I learned a lot and Mike was very kind throughout the whole process, and entertained all my questions no matter how silly they were (and they get really silly), and he showed me arm movement, finger movement, even explained spacing and ovals in Spencerian. I still keep the sheets he wrote on as the demo till this day! And I remember buying like 5 fountain pens from the show that year.. yikes.

So anyway, this year I went to meet him again at the pen show (he goes every year), and felt very lucky to have met him because it really was a turning point in my interest in penmanship. If you live around that area, check it out and go and meet him, and have your name written by him. He sells his penmanship books, DVDs and holders on the table and will patiently answer any questions. And I’ll be there too with another batch of silly questions!


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