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The blog is back!


IMG_7781Yikes… sorry I have been missing in action in April. It was a very busy month, and honestly May and June is looking busy too, but I am trying to keep up with the blog by queuing up more posts. What’s funny is I have plenty of stuff to share with you guys, just not enough time to sit and write them out.

Anyway, my English isn’t the greatest anyway so I thought I could make image-heavy posts which doesn’t take as much time and occasionally sprinkle in some text-heavy stuff like projects and reviews when I have time. We’re here for calligraphy, not an English essay right?

Here is a bunch of inner envelopes I did for a lady in Connecticut, on one of those strange shimmery papers. It doesn’t work well with a Brause Rose nib (too flexy and the sumi ink just pools), but it works great with a stiffer Zebra G. Only if I write big enough though.

IMG_7782 IMG_7783

4 Responses to “The blog is back!”

  1. Anonymous

    I found you via Paper Arts and Ink website where you sampled nibs. I’m just getting into calligraphy myself, and I love how you explained why you chose to use one nib over the other in this post. You’re work is stunning – as you know.

    • Openinkstand

      Thanks! I’m glad it helps. I will be sure to post more about why I make some choices next time, it didn’t occur to me that I should explain it!


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