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Stuck nib in a vintage penholder



You know, I’ve dealt with a lot of stuck nibs in flanges before but I gotta tell you guys, this one almost gave me a heart attack. It was a 604EF stuck fast in Maggie, my vintage Magnusson oblique holder. It was stuck so bad that the nib absolutely did not move and the flange was even wobbling about.

Now I don’t care about the nib, it’s super old and is due for a change but it would have been nice to be able to get it out in one piece, so I used my needlenose pliers to wheedle it out from the side. But snap! One side completely broke off. So I took to the other side and that broke off too! Dammit!



Next I placed the pliers in the middle to try and get the whole thing out in one piece.. and wham! The top broke off, leaving the rest stuck in the flange. Crap! I tried to gain purchase on what remained of the nib but honestly the flange was wiggling about now so I didn’t want to accidentally break it out of the actual holder. It’s happened before


Very slowly and carefully, I kept wiggling the nib but kept my other hand on the flange to keep it steady. After a few agonizing minutes of struggle, the rest of the nib came out in one pull.. turns out the nib had rusted inside the flange… oops. I used a needle to clean the gunk out of the flange, and it is now good to go again. Phew!


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