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Flourished peacock, tiger, and goldfish


So I joined an offhand flourishing exchange in Flourish Forum, and was thinking what I could do. At first I thought I could do some birds, but you know, I’m not really big on that. I love bird flourishes of course, but I don’t know.. I never really do them because they need too much precision and I’m not the most precise kind of person. So I thought.. why not other animals?

The tiger is my favorite. How about you?





The first animal I attempted was a goldfish, shown below. Ehhhh. It turned out okay, though I don’t think as traditional as it should be. Then I tried my hand with a peacock, and that turned out a little better, though now that I look at it, I could have added more detail. Oh well.

The third one I tried was a tiger, and I think that turned out pretty well. It’s not a conventional bird flourish where everything is almost mathematical, but it’s more artistic which is my kind of jam. So I made 6 different tigers for all the people in my list, each with their names hidden in his stripes.. see if you can find it?





I made photocopies of the peacock and goldfish for everyone so all their letters include three flourishes with at least one original. Two of them got the peacock and the goldfish original, though I kind of wish I kept the peacock now! Oh well.. I’ll make a better one next time. All done using sumi ink and a Leonardt Principal.


4 Responses to “Flourished peacock, tiger, and goldfish”

  1. anasaziwrites

    Lovely flourishing. I’m positive all who received the originals are very pleased and appreciative, including the lucky fellow (ahem) who received the original bird. I wouldn’t regret giving the bird away, because, as you said, you will do another, better one, in the future. As good as your work is now, and it is very good, you are still improving. Who knows what you might do in another year or three?


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