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Christmas Cards 2015


IMG_8099So it’s that time of the year. My favorite time of year! Last year my Christmas cards were pretty well received so I knew I had to come up with something good this year. Luckily I had a design in mind, but was still unsure of what color envelope to use.

Get it? It’s a Santa head design!

First, I tried these brown envelope I had lying around. They turned out pretty nice, but ehhhh. I’m not really a big fan of brown. It’s still pretty nice though.



So then I tried gold, because you know, Christmas is all about gold right? And all my Christmas cards came with these gold envelopes. This was the worst decision, everything looked weird about it. No way am I using those gold envelopes!

IMG_8102The grey turned out pretty nice actually, it reminds me of a quiet winter evening… but I don’t know, it’s just odd. My design should be cheerful and playful, not quiet!

Next I tried a dark purple, which I thought would look more regal and luxurious. I kind of like it!

When I went to PaperSource for inspiration, I saw that they had these limited edition Christmas green envelopes. They seemed perfect, so I bought a bunch to test. What do you think? Looks pretty good. But still… ehhhhh.


So finally… FINALLY.. I have been dreading this, I tried the navy blue. It was perfect! Dang it. The reason why I was dreading it is because I always use this blue, all my envelopes all year round are in this blue and I’m sick of it! But dang it, the design just pops the best with it. Oh well! Blue it is then!

As you can see, I used different sizes of envelopes, because my cards were all in a different size. I do not make my own cards (gurl I don’t have the time) so I just buy them in bulk from different places. Hence the different sizing.. which also affects the design. The larger envelope allows for a more free form design compared to the smaller, where the flourishes are more restrained. Go figure!



All in all I made about 120 envelopes.. yeah I know, I have a crazy Christmas list. But it’s my favorite time of the year and I simply must wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

IMG_8114And so, I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading my blog and being supportive of my work, and I really appreciate that we have such a wonderful friendly calligraphy community. I have so much new stuff to share with you guys in 2016 and hope to see you again soon!

Oh btw! You can see me making one of these envelopes for Santa on Youtube:

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  1. FinnBadger

    These are fantastic! And I do like the grey, however you’re right, your design doesn’t pop as much as it does against the navy.
    Merry Christmas!


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