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Baby shower invite and matching addressing


Okay, I’m not the biggest fan of baby showers. I don’t have a kid, and all the cooing over little baby clothes just.. I don’t get it. I mean, yeah some of their little jackets can be super cute, especially the ones with little fuzzy bear or rabbit ears lol, look I don’t mind going to showers, but I much prefer dropping off my gift and then heading over to the drinks and chat. It’s the whole sitting around and going awww at every piece of clothing that escapes me.


That said, I get the whole vibe though. I love cute little baby animals and pastel colors, so when given the opportunity to make baby shower invites I am totally psyched. Don’t worry, this design is a fictional copy of another one I made for a real client, so the names and dates are fake.

il_fullxfull.879117933_k7cv il_fullxfull.879355760_30vw

Aaaand matching baby shower addressing design! Notice the little stroller design, the client specifically asked for it and I thought it was a super idea.


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