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Gillott Principality Box


IMG_8154 This unassuming Gillott No. 1 box looks pretty normal, with a normal design in the pretty blue box and white band just like their other nib boxes.

But it has the magical No. 1 on the box! And you know that means… it contains the legendary Gillott Principality nib!

The back of the box is the usual cautionary tale

“J. G. regrets to say, certain disreputable Makers have tried to impose upon the Public a spurious article, bearing the mis-spelled name, thus, “GILOTT,” or “GILLOT,” so as to retain the sound – please to observe, ALL THE GENUINE PENS ARE MARKER IN FULL “JOSEPH GILLOTT;’ and every Packet bears a facsimile of his Signature, thus”

And the side of the box is a simple 1 label.

IMG_8155 IMG_8156

Unfortunately my box is empty!


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