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Gold penroll pouch


IMG_8138At IAMPETH 2015, I found this beautiful pen roll sold by Twig & Fig. ┬áNow I have seen many penroll pouches, but this was really something else! It rolls up really neatly and when you unroll it…IMG_8139

Check this out! Two little compartments for ink, plenty of space for pens and a pen flap, and two small pouches for little things. The gorgeous flecked cork wood fabric thing is so cheerful everytime I see it.

IMG_8140 IMG_8141

IMG_8142The nibs in the pen are protected by this little flap. I do wish there was more space for more pens though, but that would be the pouch would be too big. Oh well. And look, the two pouches. I use it to keep extra nibs, a Finetec palette and a sumi block.

This is my favorite part. The ink bottles are held in place with these little snappy strings, and even a tab to pull it out. Susie has really put a lot of thought and care into this pouch and I thoroughly recommend it! Contact Susie if you want one, she has more in other colors and it cost me about $100 when I bought it.

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