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As you can see from my blog, I love experimenting and trying out all kinds of new styles and artworks!

  • Art & Illustration ; As an illustrator, I am always looking for ways to incorporate more art into my work. This section covers bird flourishing, vows, artworks and other art related work
  • Envelope Designs ; My favorite thing to do! Always pushing to envelope (haha!) to create beautiful envelopes to delight mailboxes. This section covers the different envelope designs I’ve done for weddings, events, friends and penpals
  • Place & Escort Cards ; Seating guests in style! Here are some place cards I’ve done for weddings and events
  • Calligraphed Portraits ; I created portraits of famous peopleĀ using a combination of Spencerian and Engrossers script
  • Calligraphy related ; This is where I keep all the miscellaneous calligraphy and art related stuff, including events I’ve done, publicity stuff, news and events, workshops or other things that just don’t belong anywhere else.
  • Weddings ; I always love a good wedding!

Below is a selection of my favorites, all have been featured in the blog

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