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  1. Kirk winter

    Hi Schin! I am a fan from down under. You are great and if achieve a fraction of your skill within my life time I would be pleased.

    I wish to draw some attention to some ruffles I feel is going on with nib prices, especially the ‘dreams’. Most of the dream nibs were exported to the U.S. from England, so most of them are there. For any international, shipping prices are really quite expensive to ship outside of the U.S.. For example,until recently, for any international wishing to purchase a single Principality from a great penman’s son on ebay, (I think you may know who) it costs $24 usd! I had a talk to Richard about this, and I think he has changed his shipping conditions for internationals. (took 6 months for him to come around)
    If an international wishes to purchase even a speedball holder shipping alone shall cost over $12 usd!
    So often, most of the N.American shipping prices to any international destination not only appears as criminal but totally indifferent.
    This also applies to any of the U.S. pen suppliers. Often a 2-3 day wait for a quote which is always a huge whack.

    I honestly felt I had to do something about this, it was like a party which anyone outside the States could only afford to watch. So, I bit a large bullet and got as much as I could afford. I ship them without registered mail and totally run on trust, sure I get badly burnt sometimes. Thankfully, most interested in dip nibs are good folk. Furthermore, I tend to be quite generous in extras, I have even given Principality’s away to either loyal customers or really good calligraphers simply in respect. So some customers may be willing to pay extra for a nib on an auction. I would not call it coercion, I have no control of what anyone shall bid or not at all. Honestly, sometimes I tell folks to stop there.
    I don’t think the sale price alone is an accurate gauge for the value of any nib. Shipping costs need to be factored in, and there is often other things going on besides the bids.
    More later..
    Best regardsmuch respect
    Thank you for all your efforts
    Best from Kirk

    • sloong

      Hi Kirk,
      I understand your plight as I lived in Malaysia for some years and also had problems buying from the United States. I used to buy doll clothes from the US (small and light item, just like nibs), but I would request the seller send them to me as first class mail. It is unsecured and takes weeks to arrive, but the shipping is very cheap, less than $5 per package. However, there is a risk of the items not arriving or being stolen, which I think have only happened to me 2-3 times in the many years of buying from the US, in which case I just count it as a loss. I think that US seller (I don’t know him btw, what penman’s son?) is mailing the nibs as USPS Priority mail, which starts at $20 for international. USPS Priority mail is faster (1 week-ish) and secure with a tracking number to prevent mail theft. Perfectly understandable as it protects both the seller and buyer, but yes, very expensive. But for a rare and expensive nib, he may feel it is necessary.

      As far as I know in Asia, there are people who buy modern and vintage nibs in bulk and set up shop to sell them locally to others. The prices are marked up a little, but it provides a local source of tools for a better price. There are also European stores such as, (they’re selling the speedball oblique for £2.40),, etc. I’ve bought from Scribblers before and they have great service and wonderful products, some of which aren’t available in US stores.

      You can also find individuals who may help you buy and mail the tools for a cheaper price. I have done so for friends in Asia and we agreed on a cheaper shipping price. If any international friends buy nibs from me, I usually hide them inside a first class envelope, no problems yet (fingers crossed). You may also find other local calligraphers who may have a better supplier to buy from.

      I hope this helps.


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